Lieferando is a world wide known food delivery brand that is working together with restaurants to bring the food directly to the customer. Lieferando has a wide range of customers, that uses the app on a weekly basis. Lately the pandemic helped the company to grow their business world wide because restaurants and users using the app more often then ever before.

The problem

Even tho the app is used weekly or even daily. The ordering process has some ux pain points that creates frustrations of users while looking in the restaurants menu or to re-order previous food.

The solution

Objective was to improve the ordering user flow in a trusty, flexible and easy to understand way increase ordering within the app. Also giving the pre-ordered food a new location within the app because people thending to reorder food they liked before. 


UX/UI Designer


Personal Project




User research & flow analysis

Finding the key painpoints in the food selection

At first comes the user research following with interviews that showcase the painpoints in the ordering process. Tony found out that selection in the categories and the food selection creating frustrations in the user. Because specific buttons and features are placed in the wrong locations. For example the placement of the food search inside the restaurant details page created frustrations. Because the users tending to miss-clicking on it when quickly browsing the food selection. Another example was the adress placement on top of the food categories available around the location. 


Userflows & design thinking

Bringing in a "day one" design thinking method

The interviews and user research brought in new pain points. With that process, Tony started with the 6 step design thinking method by first hearing and interviewing users that use the Lieferando app on a regular basis.


Restaurant overview

More appealing overview with branded elements

Medi.net was concepted to be a tablet first intranet. People in hospitals should be able to get the information on the fly and tablets are the perfect medium that combines information dencity and mobility for the user. It also gives the possibility to add other hardware like little mobile headphones to have quick calls with colleaques.


Restaurant detailspage

Find faster and more efficient the food you want

As a key element, the restaurant detailspage got a new structure that is split down into main and sub categories to help the user filtering the food quicker. Because often the user knows what he has for behavours before ordering the food even when he didn't exactly know what food he wants. But he knows if he wants a warm or cold starter, a burger or pizza or a aloholic and non alcoholic drink. Also the new structure helps the shrink down the scrolling in the app because every food is well structured in the menu. 



Before UI comes always the UX

It's easy to find better solutions and ways for a more appealing design when it comes to shapes and colors. User experience is the base of the decisions that went into the user interface design (UI). A great experience helps users to enjoy the time they want to spend on a software. Even when it's just 5 minutes or less to order food. A great design and experience always comes when the user integrated early in the process.


Tony Andreas Rudolph

UX & VFX Storyteller

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